On the Wandering Isle there are some items that are extremely rare, sometimes being relatively commonly seen in mainland. 

You can collect these things and make some really nice looking collections, however they will only be appreciated by other stayers who know the rarity and value of the items you present.


1. Mageroyal. Quite hard to come by, it's rare and boring to grind. To acquire you have to kill Thornbranch Scamps and then harvest herbs from them - you have around 3% chance to get a mageroyal.

2. Shadowgem. Less rare than Mageroyal, but still quite rare - not many stayers go with mining. 3% chance from every copper vein, 10% from prospecting.

3. Small Glimmering Shard. Around 1% chance to acquire one when disenchanting green items. Quite hard to get.

4. Winter Hats. Extremely rare and available to be collected only near christmas make these shine in any collection.


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