Stats Edit

Level: 9

Hit Points: 282

Mana: 350

Spells: Shadow Geyser

Location: Pei-Wu Forest

Lore Edit

Darkened Horrors is a group of spellcasters that belongs to the Saurok race. The Saurok is a race native to the lands of Pandaria and the southern parts of The Wandering Isle. The Saurok were created by the Mogu to keep the lands of Pandaria under the tyrany of the Mogu. the Saurok did after a while strike back against their slavers and now live as scavangers all over Pandaria and small parts of the Wandering Isle.

Loot Edit

Source: Razosh-Magtheridon(EU) 400 looted corpses

General Loot: Edit

36 silver 46 copper (2-15 copper from each Darkened Horror)

170x Linen Cloth

6x Forest Mushroom Cap

3x Refreshing Spring Water

4x Minor Healing Potion

1x Tigerseye

3x Malachite

2x Small Blue Pouch

1x Small Green Pouch

1x Small Black Pouch

Common and Poor Equipment: Edit

1x Pioneer Cloak

1x Pioneer Bracers

1x Pioneer Buckler

1x Pioneer Belt

3x Burnt Leather Bracers

1x Burnt Buckler

1x Burnt Cloak

2x Burnt Leather Gloves

3x Loose Chain Vest

1x Patchwork Bracers

3x Patchwork Armor

2x Patchwork Shoes

1x Patchwork Pants

1x Patchwork Cloak

1x Journeyman's Gloves

1x Journeyman's Boots

1x Journeyman's Bracers

1x Warrior's Girdle

1x Warrior's Gloves

1x Warrior's Bracers

2x Worn Leather Bracers

1x Worn Leather Vest

1x Worn Leather Gloves

1x Worn Leather Pants

1x Worn Leather Belt

1x Gypsy Bands

1x Sharpened Letter Opener

1x Crude Bastard Sword

3x Long Bo Staff

2x Carpenter's Mallet

2x Feeble Sword

1x Lumberjack Axe

1x Beaten Battle Axe

1x Hunting Rifle

2x Cracked Sledge

Uncommon Equipment: Edit

1x Notched Shortsword of Stamina