As Pandaren love food, they deserve special page about food and drinks.

Available foodEdit

There are 18 different kinds of food available at the isle:


- Shiny Red Apple

- Snapvine Watermelon


- Tough Hunk of Bread

- Freshly Baked Bread

- Moist Cornbread


- Forest Mushroom Cap

- Red-Speckled Mushroom

- Spongy Morel


- Slitherskin Mackerel

- Longjaw Mud Snapper

- Bristle Whisker Catfish (which is strange, because they can't fish it in the waters of the Wandering Isle)


- Tough Jerky

- Haunch of Meat

- Mutton Chop

- Leg Meat


- Small Rice Cake (increases strength by 4 for 15 min)

- Small Sugarcane Stalk (increases agility by 4 for 15 min)

- Small Bamboo Shot (increases intellect by 4 for 15 min)


There are 14 different beverages on the isle, some of them require alchemy to create or level 90 to drink.

- Refreshing Spring Water

- Jasmine Tea

- Black Tea

- Four Wind Soju

- Roasted Barley Tea

- Golden Carp Consome

- Pandaren Plum Wine

- Pearl Milk Tea

- Minor Healing Potion

- Minor Mana Potion

- Minor Rejuvenation Potion

- Elixir of Minor Defense

- Weak Troll's Blood elixir

- Elixir of Minor Fortidude