Pandaren are a race in World of Warcraft, and only race that starts the game on the Wandering Isle.

Racial TraitsEdit

  • Bouncy - Pandaren take 1/2 of the falling damage.
  • Epicurean - Doubles the Well Fed effects.
  • Inner Peace - Doubles the time your experience is treated as "rested".
  • Gourmand - Increases your cooking skill by 15.
  • Quaking Palm - Attacks in melee stunning for 4 seconds. Any damage will break the effect. 2 min cooldown.


Pandarens can choose to be a hunter, monk, mage, priest, rogue, warrior or shaman. Each class gives different interesting abilities to help on the island.

Language Edit

Neutral Pandaren can speak one language:

  • Pandaren (neutral)

and they can understand five languages:

  • Pandaren (neutral)
  • Pandaren (alliance)
  • Pandaren (horde)
  • Common
  • Orcish