One of the things to do on the Wandering Isle is crafting, and as everywhere in the big big Azeroth the Pandaren have their own completionists. They are players who seek to have ALL available recipes. Although with the limited skill level of 75 there are not as many recipes as we would like, getting ALL will require huge amounts of hard work and dedication - There is no Auction House and remember - Level 10-20 world drop recipes loot from only one monster - Vordraka the Sea Nightmare, and getting to her is... Nightmare.



Elixir of Lion's Strength 

Elixir of Minor Defense 

Minor Healing Potion

Weak Troll's Blood Elixir

Minor Mana Potion

Minor Rejuvenation Potion

Elixir of Minor Fortidude

Lesser Healing Potion

Randomly looted recipes:

Recipe: Elixir of Minor Agility. (Level 6+ monsters)

Recipe: Swiftness Potion (level 7+ monsters, proven to loot from Raggis)





Copper Bracers

Copper Chain Pants

Rough Copper Vest

Rough Sharpening Stone

Rough weightstone

Copper Mace

Copper Axe

Copper Chain Boots

Copper Shortsword

Rough Grinding Stone

Copper Claymore

Copper Dagger

Copper Battle Axe

Copper Chain Belt

Runed Copper Gauntlets

Runed Copper Pants

Coarse Sharpening Stone

Coarse Weighstone

Heavy Copper Maul

Runed Copper Belt

Thick War Axe

Coarse Grinding Stone

Rarely looted recipes:

Plants: Copper Chain Vest (level 6+ monsters)

Plans: Gemmed Copper Gauntlets (level 6+ monsters)


Plans: Runed Copper Breastplate (Vordraka the Sea Nightmare)

Enchanting Edit


Bracer - Minor Deflection

Bracer - Minor Health

Lesser Magic Wand

Chest - Minor Health

Chest - Minor Absorption

Bracer - Minor Stamina

Chest - Lesser Health

Cloak - Minor Protection

Greater Magic Wand

Rarely looted recipes:

Formula: Enchant Chest - Minor Mana (level 6+ monsters)

Formula: Enchant Bracer - Minor Spirit (Vordraka the Sea Nightmare)


Formula: Enchant Bracer - Minor Strength (Vordraka the Sea Nightmare)

Formula: Enchant Weapon - Minor Beastslayer (Vordraka the Sea Nightmare)

Formula: Enchant 2H weapon - lesser spirit (Vordraka the Sea Nightmare)

Engineering Edit


Rough Blasting Powder

Rough Dynamite

Handful of Copper Bolts

Rough Copper Bomb

Arclight Spanner

Copper Tube

Rough Boomstick

Crude Scope

Copper Modulator

Coarse Blasting Powder

Coarse Dynamite

Rarely looted recipes:

Schematic: Mechanical Squirrel Box (level 6+ monsters)


Schematic: EZ-thro Dynamite (Vordraka the Sea Nightmare)

Schematic: Small seaforium charge (Vordraka the Sea Nightmare)