Singing Pools is area of the Wandering Isle with the highest experience / hour possible due to big number of herbalism and mining nodes in one place and magic waters increasing speed.

Cursed PoolsEdit

Pools in the Singing Pools are magically enchanted and curse everyone who touches the water, transforming them into various animals. Available curses or enchantments:

  • Curse of the Crane

You are transformed into crane, increasing your movement speed by 130%.

  • Curse of the Turtle

Transforms you into a turtle. Despite the tooltip you are not slower.

  • Curse of the Skunk

Transforms you into a skunk, increasing your movement speed by 70%

  • Curse of the Frog

Transforms you into a frog, increasing your movement speed by 60%

Best experience / hour route Edit

To get best exp/h use this route:

  • Go to Temple of Five Dawns (or near it, if you use Blessing of Huo)
  • Go down the path leading to Whittler Dewei, the profession trainer
  • Go behind Whittler's house and jump into Skunk Pool
  • Collect an earthroot near the bridge leading up the mountain slope
  • Go up and collect the Copper ore there
  • Jump down and follow the road up to Teamaster Ren
  • Go East from Teamaster and grab a silverleaf near Steam Fiends' Pool
  • Jump into Crane Pool and run south
  • Collect Silverleaf -> Earthroot -> Peacebloom -> Copper Vein
  • Go back to crane pool
  • Grab a peacebloom and Copper Vein and jump in the pool. Run in the direction of Teamaster Rei.
  • Grab silverleaf and jump back in crane pool. Run in the direction of Crocodile Pool.
  • Grab the copper vein and continue to the road.
  • Get the peacebloom and earthroot near the Turtle Pool and continue due the road
  • Grab the silverleaf near the road and continue in direction of Whittler Dewei.
  • Go near Whittler in the direction of the temple, grabbing everything in the way. When you get near temple go back and start again.

Profession TrainerEdit

The Singing Pools is also the home of one of the two Profession trainers on the Wandering Isle. Primary Professions is all that he teaches and that is limited to Apprentice (75) training for everything. His name is Whittler Dewei (63, 41.6), and he can also repair and vendor your needs. Of the numerous items he sells, one of which is a Fishing Pole, which is odd since there is nobody here that will teach you how to fish.